What do we do

What do we do?

The company offers 5 Main CAD Services which are based on CAD (Computer Aided Design )

For these services we use software CAD : Catia V5 ; Unigraphix NX

Our strengths include supporting our customers with intellectual property.

CAD Services

3D CAD Modeling – We basically take an idea and we create a part , an assembly of parts or an equipment according with all specifications required by the customer

2D CAD Drafting – We build the drawings for the 3D parts ( even the parts are made by us or by another company )

Reverse Engineering – We basically take surfaces or a cloud which is coming from scanning tool and based on that we rebuild completely 3D model

Simulation – we are able to simulate structural the parts (FEA) to know exactly what is happening with parts from loads point of view

Kinematics – we simulate the movements of the parts into assembly to check and avoid the collision what can appear during the movement of the parts. Ex: movement of gear shifter in the housing, movements of the parts in the car during assembly process

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